Leuchars Airshow 2006 Show Day

RAF Leuchars Airshow 2006 - Show Day

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Show day photographs 9th September 2006

Show day was yet another early start as I always like to get there as the gates open to allow me to walk the static and view the hangers before the flying starts. I had some nice access to the aircraft as the crowds had not yet started to gather around aircraft. The only drawback I could see was, yet again, the organisers had seen fit to place the barriers far too close to the aircraft sometimes making it very difficult to photograph the whole airframe getting no barriers in the shot.

Another change to previous years was that they kept all the static aircraft down towards the hanger end and put all the trade stands way out the other end. The only real stands beside the static aircraft were the food and drink sales .

Before long it was time to find a place on the crowdline and find a space to get the trusty old camera going without too many obstructions. Another major drawback. One of the few times you find yourself complaining about beautiful blue skies and wonderfully hot sunshine is when you have to take photographs staring stright into it! It was one of those days. I really struggled to get good shots because of this. It did get a bit better later on in the day when the sun had moved round a bit though.

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Although the sun was in our face for most of the day the flying display was one of the best I've seen in many years of visiting Leuchars for the show. Because of a small number of withdrawels from the flying programme we were treated to repeat displays by both the Typhoon and the Polish Mig 29 display pilots. Another extra item was a very welcome flypast by a Nimrod MR2 from 120 Squadron RAF Kinloss as a tribute to the 14 men who lost their lives in the tragic loss of XV230

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