Leuchars Airshow 2006 Departures

RAF Leuchars Airshow 2006 - Departures

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Departures 10th and 11th September

10th September 2006

Back to the early morning starts. Was a bit worried this morning. Got out to the car and the visibility in Dundee was down to about 50 yards due to thick fog! Arrived at Leuchars and the fog had lifted quite a bit but got there just in time to see a huge black cloud at the end of runway 09 followed by the Mig 29 disappearing into the low cloud. Missed it! Rather than go round to 27 end to catch the low take offs we decided to stay at 09 end but walked down to the water treatment plant by the side of the field. Walked along the fence to get shots of the Hind starting up and taking off. Were treated by the Hind and Hip pilots to an extremely low fly past down the runway and over the mound! Back to the water treatment plant for some more taxy and takeoff shots.

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11th September 2006

Had to travel from Aberdeen for this one so it was an 05:15 start for me! Got outside to find not only darkness but thick fog and only about 20 yards visibility. Made for an interesting start to the drive down. Arrived at Leuchars to find runway 27 in use which was a plus as we could get low take offs from the crash gate. But there was a minus. (isn't there always?) the weather was overcast for the first time in 5 days so most of my photos were poorly lit. I have a couple though so here you are.

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