Leuchars Airshow 2006 Arrivals

RAF Leuchars Airshow 2006 - Arrivals

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Arrivals 7th and 8th September

Thursday arrivals was an early start and, because of the wind direction, meant a park up and a long walk to the 27 end. Or so I thought!. As i started my walk the KC135 came in to the approach. I really wanted to see the B52 arrive this year and thought it could have been arriving with the Tanker. I started to run,walk,run,walk and made the distance in just over 15 minutes! And very tired out only to find that the B52 wasn't going to be there for another hour and a half! never mind. I was there and it was looking like it could turn into a nice day!

Later on in the day we were treated to a preview of the 9ship Tornado F3 Diamond formation which was joined by the 43 squadron 90th anniversary black jet! And were witness to an F15 Strike Eagle arriving with problems being guided in by his wingman

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Friday arrivals,again, was an early start as we were expecting the arrival of the German F4F Phantom II between 8am and 8:30am and the wind direction was still favouring the 27 end meaning the long trek round the beach end of the base. Just got to the beach when i looked out to sea and saw the tell tale black smoke leading to the arriving Jet. Another run was in order! I legged it to where i wanted to be for the arrival but, when i got there, the F4 had turned away and left time for a breather before she came in to land in what was a very subtle fashion compared with previous years. The rest of the day was absolutely stunning both weather wise and flying wise. The results can be seen below.

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